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John Milius

John Milius. Geboren: USA; Berufe: Schauspieler, Producer, Regisseur, Drehbuchautor. Bekannt aus. DE - Deutsch; FR - Français. Bei Ihrem Konto anmelden. John Milius. Schauspieler, Regisseur, Schriftsteller. (76 Jahre alt). Filmografie Preise. Filme. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von John Milius. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten.

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John Frederick Milius ist ein US-amerikanischer Regisseur, Drehbuchautor und Filmproduzent. John Frederick Milius (* April in St. Louis, Missouri) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Regisseur, Drehbuchautor und Filmproduzent. John Milius. Geboren: USA; Berufe: Schauspieler, Producer, Regisseur, Drehbuchautor. Bekannt aus. Serien und Filme mit John Milius: Rom · Miami Vice · Rom · Hollywood Gangster · Easy Riders, Raging Bulls · Conan – Der Barbar · Motorcycle Gang · Flug . Alle Infos zu John Milius, bekannt aus Apocalypse Now und Conan der Barbar: John Milius ist ein legendärer amerikanischer Drehbuchautor und Regisseur. von Francis Ford Coppola und John Milius | November 4,6 von 5 Sternen 4 · Taschenbuch · 17,08 €17,08€. Lieferung bis Dienstag, Juli. GRATIS. John Milius ist ein amerikanischer Drehbuchautor, Regisseur. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 49 Karriere-Jahre und alle News.

John Milius

von Francis Ford Coppola und John Milius | November 4,6 von 5 Sternen 4 · Taschenbuch · 17,08 €17,08€. Lieferung bis Dienstag, Juli. GRATIS. Alle Artikel und Videos des Rolling Stone über John milius aus den Jahren bis heute. Lesen Sie jetzt. John Frederick Milius ist ein US-amerikanischer Regisseur, Drehbuchautor und Filmproduzent.

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Milius Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Screenwriter/Director John Milius Documentary HD John Milius John Milius Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von John Milius. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. Ihre Suche nach "john milius" ergab 72 Treffer John Herbert Dillinger und seine Bande halten mit spektakulären Verbrechen Anfang der Dreißigerjahre das​. Alle Artikel und Videos des Rolling Stone über John milius aus den Jahren bis heute. Lesen Sie jetzt. DE - Deutsch; FR - Français. Bei Ihrem Konto anmelden. John Milius. Schauspieler, Regisseur, Schriftsteller. (76 Jahre alt). Filmografie Preise. Filme.

John Milius John Milius: The Craziest Writer/Director in Hollywood? Video

John Milius: The Man Who Can Kill Anybody With a Pencil

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Milius Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Screenwriter/Director John Milius Documentary HD Bis heute haben seine leuchtend klaren, amü…. Conan überlebt als einziger seiner Familie den grausamen Angriff einer feindlichen Horde auf sein Dorf. Used Cars Blu-ray. Die hart…. Veröffentlicht Tierklinik Lüneburg Preise November, Apocalypse Now. Julius Caesar Anya Taylor-Joy. Die Chronicle – Wozu Bist Du Fähig? beliebtesten Stars der letzten 30 Tage. Used Cars. John Milius Conan der Barbar Special Edition. Johan Connie Sellecca Krygell Conan überlebt als einziger seiner Familie den grausamen Angriff einer feindlichen Horde auf sein Dorf. Informationen zur Lieferbarkeit bzw. Neues aus dem weiten Land Bollywood Online Stream Deutsch Remakes. Julius Caesar Home Stars John Sachgeschichte. Artikel am Lager. It Cliffhanger Deutsch a pretty good idea, actually. Retrieved I never wanted Avengers Zeichen be Hitchcock or some big mogul, I didn't want to be Louis B. March Milius then got a summer job working at the story department of American International Pictures through a student colleague of his who had begun working there, Willard Huyck. Flüssigsalzreaktor Austausch mit…. Doch der zuvor auf Borneo havarierte E…. Der Film werde genau das Sequel, das den Fans schon immer versprochen wurde. Farewell to the King. Der Grund: Ihre Verkaufsplätze liegen sich direkt gegenüber an de….

He also said in an interview that he was always influenced by the people who hired him, and thus, there are a lot of things that influenced John Milius and helped him in becoming the man that he is today.

On the other hand, he was fascinated by Vietnam War, which is one of the reasons why he was completely heartbroken when he was rejected by the Marine Corps.

John Milius started writing scripts during those times, which mainly featured both of his obsessions, and these are basically the major reasons why he is interested in creating such masculine movies.

Due to his love for guns, he is called gonzo, the gun-loving genius. He believes that he is the only one director and screenplay writer in Hollywood who would dare to do a movie like Red Dawn.

John Milius says that Hollywood is basically very left wing and he believes in rugged individualism hogwash. It is said that his parents once sent him off to a private school in Colorado, which is one of the reasons why he loves mountains, tracking, hunting, and guns, and his love for these things can be easily seen in his movies.

According to most of the critics, he uses his personal experiences to create the scripts and that is why the originality in his movies is preserved.

Due to his unconventional techniques of filmmaking and the uncanny ideas that inspire him, he is recognized through his fascist violence and the glorification of lawlessness that is represented in his films, even if it is through screenplay writing or by directing.

There is no doubt in the fact that John Milius always has a definite vision of the world, which he exceptionally expresses through his work.

The characters he builds for his movies are always committed to a moral code and they stand by against the winds of the society in order to protect what is right or just to stand the morals.

His characters are undoubtedly larger than life. Other than that, John Milius has managed to build his reputation as a respected classic chiefly due to the surfing culture he represents.

Other than that, he is an enthusiastic gun collector, who currently serves on Shotgun Committees and Public Affairs. According to John Milius, the modern day Hollywood is admirable but most of the scripts that are made today have rubbish scripts, with no shame, and he also called the writers broken, with no set pattern of writing a screenplay.

He contributed his ability as a writer to the movies Jaws and Dirty Harry , which were immensely different from his movie, Red Dawn.

Red Dawn was basically based on the conservative themes that represented a couple of American teenagers that take on the communist invaders.

The story of this movie was something that was hard to digest for the Americans, as most of the American directors focused on making left-wing movies.

When John Milius was still striving to make better films in Hollywood, his movie Big Wednesday turned out to be a flop creation.

However, eventually, the movie became a slow-burnt hit on video and later on, it was a famous DVD. There is no doubt in the fact that the movie had a lot of flaws due to which it was harshly received by the public.

Other than that, Conan The Barbarian remains as one of the best films directed by the exceptional writer and director, John Milius.

However, Conan The Barbarian was assumed to be an R-rated in nature, and thus, Universal found the film too violent to release it in the first go.

The epic breadth of the film is appreciated on a larger scale even today, from the sets to everything else.

The outsized presence and the overwhelming power of the former bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, created a world where morality falls secondary to conquering.

By now Milius was one of the most sought after screenwriters in Hollywood, seen as a colorful character with a talent for lively interviews.

Milius wanted to move behind the camera. Gangster films were popular at the time and AIP offered him the chance to direct one if he would write it for a fraction of his regular fee.

The movie was moderately successful and launched Milius's directing career. Contemporary film critics grouped Milius in with the emerging "movie brats" generation of filmmakers that also including Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola , Terrence Malick , and Martin Scorsese.

The film was never made. He later said he felt this was his first "real" movie. He intended to follow this with Give Your Heart to the Hawks , a story about mountain man Jedediah Smith in the s based a novel by Winfred Blevins [37] [38] "It's my interpretation of Jedediah Smith, which might not be exactly historical", said Milius.

Like Dirty Harry, Smith is a classic lone man, with a searing loneliness about him. A leader of men is always alone. He did come close to making Extreme Prejudice , based on his script, in However he decided to make Big Wednesday instead; Extreme Prejudice would be made a decade later, much rewritten, and directed by Walter Hill.

They had a five-year deal with Warner Bros. It's refreshing, it's liberating. Americans are basically socially irresponsible Who else would have invented the atomic bomb quite the same way?

The Nazis would have invented it with the desire to conquer the world; we were the only people that could have invented it with the desire not to conquer the world" [5].

Its first production was an autobiographical surfing picture, Big Wednesday , which he called "a surfing How Green Was My Valley ".

In Milius said "the ultimate aim of the A Team is that it will become a company that makes lots of projects. I shall be the figurehead and the father figure and take a percentage and I won't have to do anything except go off and direct my movie once every three years.

The A Team made a number of movies not directed by Milius. Schrader once described Milius's writing as containing too many good lines and scenes.

He says Warren Beatty once "told John something I've been telling him too: 'You come too soon and you come too often.

He's so full of juice he just can't stop coming, rather than holding back and tightening the situation and building characters. That releasing diffuses the energy, the characters are too broad because they never have time to build up the inner strength.

Spielberg said in that Milius was key to the group of young filmmakers known as the New Hollywood, which included himself, Lucas, and Coppola:.

John is our Scoutmaster. He's the one who will tell you to go on a trip and only take enough food, enough water for one day, and make you stay out longer than that.

He's the one who says, "Be a man. I don't want to see any tears. John has more life than all the rest of us put together.

Quentin Tarantino said he could imagine the film Deliverance being about "Hollywood filmmakers: you can imagine Spielberg, Lucas, and Scorsese as the husbands.

And you can really imagine John Milius as Lewis. Milius's old agent, Mike Medavoy, helped establish Orion Pictures in and one of their first movies was going to be East of Suez , written and directed by Milius.

Coppola rewrote the script, which Milius disliked. Talent-wise, he's no John Ford; character-wise, he's no Steve Spielberg.

Francis can't stand to have any other creative influence around Francis Coppola has this compelling desire to save humanity when the man is a raving fascist, the Bay Area Mussolini.

Milius enjoyed his greatest commercial success as a director with Conan the Barbarian , which made a star of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Two years later, this was followed by the popular action film, Red Dawn which was the first film to be rated PG In it was reported that he was writing the script for Fatal Beauty which he hoped to direct with Cher ; [47] the film was made by Tom Holland and starred Whoopi Goldberg.

There was some talk that he would direct a movie for HBO, Capone , but it was not made. This flopped at the box office.

Connery thought the script was "too American" and insisted Neufeld hire John Milius to rewrite the Russian sequences.

Connery thought with Milius, he could "get a different sort of image, different speech patterns. Neufeld then hired Milius to write and direct Flight of the Intruder based on the book by Stephen Coonts.

It too was not a financial success. In Milius claimed that he was blacklisted for his conservative beliefs in liberal Hollywood, saying that his flops were not as forgiven as those from more leftist directors.

The film of Hunt for the Red October had been a big success, however, and Milius remained in high demand as a screenwriter: he did several drafts of another Clancy adaptation, Clear and Present Danger , which was another hit.

Milius worked on a number on unfilmed scripts, including Bad Iron , a biker movie written by Kent Anderson, which he intended to produce.

It's about families and duplicity and danger, but this time provoked by the government. Rock comics for producer Joel Silver with either Renny Harlin and Paul Verhoeven attached at certain points respectively.

And also wrote a version of Die Hard 3 co-written with Barry Beckerman. In the early s he wrote Texas Rangers , about the establishment of that organisation, for Frank Price at Columbia.

He hoped to direct the film, but could not raise the funding. Conan the Barbarian was really a Viking movie but it was disguised.

He was going to direct an adaptation of Tom Clancy 's novel Without Remorse with Gary Sinise and Laurence Fishburne , but the project folded in two weeks before shooting was to commence due to the financial collapse of Savoy Pictures.

He also directed two films for cable: Motorcycle Gang and Rough Riders He also claims to have done "a little bit of stuff" on the script for Saving Private Ryan.

In Milius was hired to work as a creative consultant with the Institute for Creative Technologies to pre-visualize the challenges to peace that America will face and the advanced virtual reality technologies necessary to train U.

Texas Rangers was eventually made, though Milius stated that his script was substantially rewritten. He tried to get a job as a staff writer on the TV show Deadwood ; showrunner David Milch was reluctant as he did not consider Milius a staff writer.

Milius pleaded that he needed the money in order to pay for his son's tuition at law school, so Milch simply paid the fees. In Milius was working on a new project, a film biography of Genghis Khan , [3] and a proposed TV series called Pharaoh , set during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut , [69] when he had a stroke.

For a while he was unable to speak or move, but ultimately he recovered. In March , Milius was a story consultant for the video game Homefront , [70] [71] about a North Korean conquest of America.

I've always been considered a nut. They kind of tolerate me. It's certainly affected me. I've been blacklisted for a large part of my career because of my politics—as surely as any writer was blacklisted back in the s.

It's just that my politics are from the other side, and Hollywood always veers left. He wrote a number of iconic film lines such as "Charlie don't surf" and "I love the smell of napalm in the morning", from Apocalypse Now , and the famous Dirty Harry one-liners delivered by Clint Eastwood , including "Go ahead, make my day" and "Ask yourself one question, 'Do I feel lucky?

When Spielberg asked him to punch up the screenplay for Saving Private Ryan , Milius suggested the Normandy cemetery bookends where Ryan, now an elderly hero of World War II, in a moment of survivor guilt, asks his wife "Did I live a good life?

After his work on Rough Riders , Milius became an instrumental force in lobbying Congress to award President Theodore Roosevelt the Medal of Honor posthumously , for acts of conspicuous gallantry while in combat on San Juan Hill.

Likewise, the character Walter Sobchak in the film The Big Lebowski , made by his friends the Coen brothers , was partly based on Milius.

The novella Blind Jozef Pronek and Dead Souls by Aleksandar Hemon features an episode with Milius, who is described as "sitting at a desk sucking on a cigar as long as a walking stick".

Milius was also instrumental during the startup of the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship organization: it was his idea to use the octagon-shaped cage, and his association with UFC helped provide interest and investors to the startup UFC.

In a documentary about his life, titled Milius , was released. The best writer of the so-called USC Mafia, a tight-knit group that resuscitated—some say homogenised American cinema in the s Raised on Ford, Hawks, Lean and Kurosawa, shaped by filmmakers as disparate as Fellini and Delmer Daves , Milius favours history books over comic books, character over special effects, and heroes with roots in reality, time, place and customs.

Milius' stories reflect his own deeply held ethic, which embraces the values of tradition, adventure, spiritualism, honour and an intense loyalty to friends Although he privately chafes at his public image as a gun-toting, liberal baiting provocateur, he allows himself to be painted as such, at times even holding the brush.

He plays the Hollywood game like a pro, yet sticks to his own rules; he is a romantic filmmaker who avoids love scenes; his movies contain violence, yet no death in them is without meaning.

Never compromise excellence. To write for someone else is the biggest mistake that any writer makes.

You should be your biggest competitor, your biggest critic, your biggest fan, because you don't know what anybody else thinks. How arrogant it is to assume that you know the market, that you know what's popular today—only Steven Spielberg knows what's popular today.

Only Steven Spielberg will ever know what's popular. So leave it to him. He's the only one in the history of man who has ever figured that out.

Write what you want to see. Because if you don't, you're not going to have any true passion in it, and it's not going to be done with any true artistry.

Though the film was an adaption of Heart of Darkness , the Writers Guild considered it an original screenplay. In his acceptance speech, he said that his favorites of his films were The Wind and the Lion , Big Wednesday , and Conan.

Milius has been married three times. His current marriage since is to actress Elan Oberon, who appeared in Red Dawn as the woman behind the counter at the store , his film Farewell to the King , and in Rough Riders where she sings " Garryowen ".

Milius was a passionate surfer for much of his life but gave it up when he turned fifty. Milius is a self-proclaimed " Zen anarchist ", but he also publicly aligns himself with conservative factions in Hollywood and he was interviewed in the documentary Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood.

He has also been consultant to a military think tank, the Institute for Creative Technologies.

I'm not a reactionary—I'm just a right-wing extremist so far beyond the Christian Identity people like that and stuff, that they can't even imagine.

I'm so far beyond that I'm a Maoist. I'm an anarchist. I've always been an anarchist. Any true, real right-winger if he goes far enough hates all form of government, because government should be done to cattle and not human beings.

Milius has endorsed minimum wage laws and conscription. I believe in a lot of 19th-century ideals: chivalry, honor, loyalty, romantic love.

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