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Mystique ist einer der wenigen und ersten bisexuellen Charaktere in der Geschichte der Comics. Sie führte eine lange Beziehung mit der. Raven, mittlerweile unter Mystique bekannt, will den Erfinder der Sentinels töten. Der in der Zeit zurückgereiste Wolverine versucht sie mit Charles, Erik und Hank​. Übersetzung im Kontext von „mystique“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Moreover, DNA has acquired a certain mystique in popular culture.

Mystique Übersetzungen und Beispiele

Mystique ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden, üblicherweise in Verbindung mit den X-Men. Sie wurde von dem Künstler David Cockrum und dem Schriftsteller Chris Claremont. Raven Darkholme alias Mystique ist eine Gestaltwandlerin und Waise. Von ihrer Familie vertrieben. Raven, mittlerweile unter Mystique bekannt, will den Erfinder der Sentinels töten. Der in der Zeit zurückgereiste Wolverine versucht sie mit Charles, Erik und Hank​. Mystique steht für: Mystique, eine Figur aus dem Marvel-Universum, siehe Figuren aus dem Marvel-Universum#Mystique · Mercury Mystique, Automodell der. Mystique by Brian K. Vaughn Ultimate Collection | Vaughn, Brian K., Lucas, Jorge​, Ryan, Michael, Garcia, Manuel | ISBN: | Kostenloser. Mystique® Dummy Sniffle auch in Version mit Fuchsfell. Seien Sie mit Mystique ® Dummy Sniffle bereit für sofortiges Training, wann und wo immer Sie wollen. Mystique. Die Mystique ist für Gruppen bis 8 Personen geeignet und mit Heizung und Klimaanlage, Radio/CD und Zoll Flachbildschirm/.


Raven, mittlerweile unter Mystique bekannt, will den Erfinder der Sentinels töten. Der in der Zeit zurückgereiste Wolverine versucht sie mit Charles, Erik und Hank​. Mystique ist einer der wenigen und ersten bisexuellen Charaktere in der Geschichte der Comics. Sie führte eine lange Beziehung mit der. Mystique® Dummy Sniffle auch in Version mit Fuchsfell. Seien Sie mit Mystique ® Dummy Sniffle bereit für sofortiges Training, wann und wo immer Sie wollen.

Mystique is disappointed and soon abandons him. Graydon grows to hate his parents, and eventually extends his hatred to all mutants.

He becomes leader of the mutant-hating organization Friends of Humanity , and then a politician. At the height of his political ascension, Graydon is assassinated by an unknown shooter.

Still masquerading as Raven, Mystique is married to Baron Christian Wagner; older sources give his name as Count Eric Wagner, an affluent member of the German nobility.

He proves to be a loving husband, but disappointing as a lover. His infertility adds to their marital problems. Mystique starts using her shapeshifting powers in order to secretly have sexual encounters with others.

She is eventually seduced by fellow mutant Azazel. Mystique becomes pregnant, but her husband becomes suspicious and his own father suggests a blood test to verify whether the child is his.

Mystique uses a dagger to murder him and then buries him. She gives birth to a baby with black hair, yellow eyes, blue skin, and a pointed tail.

The locals consider the mother and child to be demons and attempt to kill them. Mystique escapes but abandons her son.

Mystique becomes the adoptive mother of the fourteen-year-old girl Rogue. Rogue had run away from her home in rural Caldecott County, Mississippi.

The girl was living alone in a wooded area, brandishing a shotgun and trusting no one, when Mystique found her.

Destiny foresees that Rogue will be important to them and Mystique seeks her out, gains her trust, and takes her in.

She and Destiny raise the girl, and Mystique grows to be very protective of her. This position gives her access to military secrets and advanced weaponry, both of which she uses for her own criminal and subversive purposes.

In this position, she attempts the theft of the Centurion weaponry from S. Marvel was a danger to Rogue, she spied on Carol Danvers and Ms.

Marvel for some time prior to beating her lover Michael Barnett to death, and sought to kill Ms.

To help her in her criminal activities, Mystique organizes her own incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants , consisting of herself, Avalanche , the Blob , Destiny, and Pyro.

The Brotherhood attempts to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly , a notoriously anti-mutant politician. The X-Men thwart the assassination attempt, and all of the Brotherhood who save Mystique herself are incarcerated.

Rogue is trained by Mystique and eventually joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Her mutant power is the ability to absorb the memories, personality, and skills or powers of whomever she touches.

To free the other members of the Brotherhood, Mystique concocts a plan involving Rogue absorbing the powers of Ms. Marvel and the Avengers. Though the plan is successful, the Avengers ultimately defeat the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, capturing all of them except Rogue and Mystique.

Moreover, Rogue finds that she has absorbed Ms. Marvel's memories, personality, and powers permanently. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants eventually escape, and battle against Dazzler.

Marvel, which prompts her to defect to the X-Men. Rogue stops Mystique, and explains that she joined the X-Men because Professor X, as the world's most powerful telepath , is her best hope of healing for her fragmented psyche.

Mystique reluctantly relinquishes her guardianship of Rogue. Anti-mutant sentiment rises and the federal government launches its own covert anti-mutant program, Project Wideawake.

Believing that the times have become too dangerous for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to continue, Mystique goes to Doctor Valerie Cooper , special assistant to the head of the National Security Council , and offers the Brotherhood's services to the government.

In return for entering government service, Mystique and her team receive a presidential pardon for all criminal charges, to be revoked if any member of Freedom Force is found committing a crime.

Cooper agrees to convey the offer to the President on the condition that the Brotherhood arrests their founder, Magneto. When Magneto learns that Freedom Force are official federal agents, he voluntarily surrenders to them.

Mystique leads Freedom Force in capturing the Avengers on behalf of the federal government. On this particularly disastrous mission, Freedom Force loses two of its members, Stonewall and Mystique's lover Destiny.

Mystique is later nearly killed by Dr. Valerie Cooper, who is under the Shadow King 's mental control.

Valerie Cooper. She begins going insane, and leaves the mansion under the care of Forge. Mystique resurfaces several months later, in a failed attempt to kill Legion for his murdering of Destiny.

She is then forced to become a member of the government-sponsored team X-Factor after being arrested for trying to blow up a dam.

Government wanted to destroy so that they could blame it on mutants. Her membership leads to tension with her teammates when Sabretooth is added to the team months later as a sleeper agent , [49] for the main purpose of killing Mystique before she can uncover the truth about the conspiracy.

She slowly develops a romantic relationship with team-leader Forge though he later thought that she was just using him. Part of the conspiracy involves Mystique's son Graydon Creed running for President, under an anti-mutant platform.

At the same time, both Graydon and Mystique learn that Destiny married and had children during one of the couple's separations.

Graydon has the mutant teen savagely beaten by members of the Friends of Humanity, as a warning towards his mother.

Mystique is furious and wants to kill her son, but stops when she is given a message that Graydon's backers want her to kill him and turn her son into a martyr.

Mystique then seeks to save her son from being betrayed by his backers, but fails. Graydon's death ushers in a new wave of anti-mutant violence.

Sabretooth acts on his orders to kill the members of X-Factor as "Operation Zero Tolerance" is activated. Mystique distracts Sabretooth long enough to keep him from finishing off the team.

Mystique goes into hiding, taking the identity of the senator's wife Mallory Brickman, using her husband's influence to set the FBI on Sabretooth. She prevents Rogue from giving up her mutant powers and continues her investigation of the U.

Government over her son's death, leading to her aiding Toad and his most recent incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants on a mission to raid a government base.

The mission fails thanks to Machine Man , who fights the Brotherhood and forces the team to flee. Mystique flees to Europe.

While taking the form of a blonde haired woman, Mystique is confronted by a famous photographer who proposes to make her a big fashion model. Amused, Mystique accepts and quickly becomes the fashion industry's newest top model.

Using her money, Mystique moves back to New York and into an expensive penthouse apartment. There, Skrulls staying in a nearby building frame Mystique for the murder of a Japanese diplomat.

With help from Shadowcat and Rogue, Mystique is cleared and leaves town. Before she leaves, Shadowcat finds one of Destiny's diaries , left there by Destiny herself before she died.

While gaining critical intelligence on the identity of those who were involved in her son's death and the attempt to kill her using Sabretooth, Mystique suddenly loses her powers while pretending to be a man in a busy office workplace.

Mystique is arrested. The U. Government acts on their intelligence regarding Mystique, and destroys all of the alternate identities that she established over the years and confiscate the money she and Destiny had hidden away.

The loss of her powers and her freedom causes her to lash out at everyone around her. Rogue has no sympathy for Mystique's plight.

The relationship sours when Rogue refuses to tell Mystique that the X-Men are going to fight the High Evolutionary , who was responsible for depowering all mutants, in order to restore everyone's powers.

The X-Men defeat the High Evolutionary and restore everyone's powers, allowing Mystique to escape jail. Mystique is sent back in time by the original X-Factor's sentient ship.

Raven finds that she is destined to be part of a great time paradox, where she finds herself with a time delay weapon, which she is about to program to kill Graydon.

After some deliberation, she decides to activate the weapon to kill Graydon. Mystique's sanity is further damaged by the revelation that Destiny was one of the founding members of the anti-mutant conspiracy Mystique had dedicated countless years to fighting, and had willfully withheld medical treatment to mutant children that would have resulted in them not growing up deformed due to their mutations.

This leads to Raven again going mad. She reforms the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for another assassination attempt on Senator Kelly, and kidnaps Moira MacTaggert and impersonates her in order to access her research on the Legacy Virus.

Mystique uses samples of the Legacy Virus to create a biological weapon that would infect humans and not mutants, and develops a cure for the Legacy Virus.

The assassination attempt on Kelly ends in failure when Pyro betrays his teammates. Mystique blows up MacTaggert's research facility, fatally injuring the doctor.

Mystique then shoots Moira's foster daughter Wolfsbane with a prototype of Forge's neutralizer gun, depowering her. The X-Men confront Mystique and she is seriously wounded.

She tells the X-Men that Destiny had predicted a dark future for mutant-kind, and that the future Destiny foretold kept on unfolding despite all that Mystique had done to prevent it.

She believes that the only way to save them is to eradicate all humans. Mystique is sent to prison, but quickly escapes. She allies herself with Martinique Jason in an attempt to wrest control of the X-Corps from its founder, Banshee.

Outfitted with a device that gives her the ability to generate an electrical charge, Mystique creates the identity of a supervillain named Surge and joins the X-Corps.

While Jason mind-controls the other members of the organization, Mystique brings Banshee's organization down and slits his throat, leaving him in critical condition.

Professor X is forced to make Mystique his secret agent, as his previous one, Prudence Leighton, has died and Mystique is the only one suitable to complete the missions.

Xavier poses as Magneto to rescue Mystique from the Department of Homeland Security and from execution at the hands of Johny Kitano, Special Magistrate for Homo Superior crimes against humanity, and a mutant himself.

As long as Mystique completes the missions without killing anybody, Xavier, working with Forge, keeps her safe from the authorities, who are out to execute her.

One of Xavier's enemies, the Quiet Man, who is actually Prudence Leighton inhabiting the body of her assassin, [56] contacts Mystique and offers to give her an interference transmitter which would keep her safe from the authorities if she kills Xavier.

Creating a plan that would free her from both men, Mystique pretends to try killing Xavier while secretly working with the mutant thief Fantomex , after alerting Forge to stop her at the last moment.

Her plan is to have the Quiet Man see this and believe that she really has attempted to kill Xavier and is still working for him.

The other X-Men believe that Mystique has tried killing Xavier and seek her out. Rogue tracks her down.

Distraught with rage, she attacks her foster mother. Mystique escapes by blowing up the house and going through the window, changing her form to shield her fall.

Mystique goes to the Quiet Man, who is planning on having her killed. After a battle, Mystique kills the Quiet Man, saves her former field-handler Shortpack , and discovers the Quiet Man's interference transmitter was a fake.

She tries to steal Forge's interference transmitter but is caught. After some angry words, he smashes it and tells her he never wants to see her again.

The two share a sad goodbye kiss and Mystique leaves. After Mystique is gone, Forge realizes that she had already switched his transmitter for the fake one.

Mystique later infiltrates the X-Men, posing as a young girl named Foxx and joining Gambit 's training squad, the Chevaliers. Mystique ultimately reveals herself to him, telling him that she is trying to relieve the tension between him and Rogue because of the two being unable to touch due to her ability to absorb someone's essence upon skin-to-skin contact.

Mystique then metamorphoses into Rogue and tells Gambit that he would not be cheating on Rogue if he had sex with her in Rogue's form.

Mystique tells them that she had been lonely and wants to join the X-Men. Mystique uses Rogue's doubts about what happened between her and Gambit to sow further discord in Rogue's relationship with Gambit.

The X-Men vote and decide to have Mystique join them on a probationary status though Rogue is one of the ones who vote against her joining. Nightcrawler asks her to leave for a while regardless of the vote, saying that he needs more time adjusting to the idea of her being a member.

Mystique agrees and leaves. Both have been crucial in the downfall of Apocalypse. After the Hecatomb battle on Providence, Rogue's team returns to Rogue's childhood home in Caldecott County, Mississippi, which Mystique owns for some downtime.

Mystique alerts the X-Men, who come to treat Rogue's illness, that there are intruders in the area. Only after Lady Mastermind drops her illusions do the X-Men realize that it is an all-out attack, and that both Lady Mastermind and Omega Sentinel the latter being possessed by Malice have defected sides.

During the Marauders' initial ambush, Mystique prevents Scalphunter from shooting Rogue. She then reveals herself as a traitor as well, shoots her adopted daughter, and orders the remaining Marauders to kill the X-Men.

Mystique remains with the Marauders during the hunt for the first new mutant baby, but is revealed to have murdered Mister Sinister in a plot involving the baby and Rogue's killing touch.

She also appears to be working with Gambit, who, like her, has ulterior motives to want to betray Mister Sinister. When Sinister approaches Mystique as she is with the comatose Rogue, Mystique shoves Sinister onto Rogue, killing him through fatal skin-to-skin contact.

Then, in keeping with the words of the Destiny Diaries, she touches the baby's face to Rogue's. The baby's touch purges her of the Strain 88 virus and all the residual psyches she had absorbed over her life, including Hecatomb.

Rogue is sickened by Mystique's manipulations, and leaves. Wolverine tracks Mystique to the Middle East and then into Afghanistan. Mystique shows up again, posing as Bobby Drake's ex-girlfriend Opal Tanaka.

She sets off a bomb inside of Bobby's Blackbird before shooting him and kicking him out of the plane. Hospital staff try to get to Iceman, but they are held back by Mystique while Iceman expels the toxin from his system.

Afterward, Mystique attacks Iceman in a truck and sets the truck ablaze with Iceman in it. Iceman steps out of the fire unharmed and disarms and immobilizes Mystique, but she escapes after turning her body into her child form.

Mystique impersonates Iceman and stands on top of the Golden Gate bridge threatening to blow it up. Iceman arrives and discovers the reason for Mystique doing this is Wolverine telling her that she will die alone.

After a heated conversation, Iceman freezes the bomb. Mystique jumps off the bridge into the water. Iceman tells Cyclops and Hank McCoy that he knows that she is not dead and thanks her for what she did for him.

Osborn has her injected with nanites and kept on a short leash; should she try anything, Osborn would turn her into a human bomb.

Wolverine, having returned from hell and retrieved his possessed body from a demonic force, targets Mystique after finding out she was responsible for sending his soul there at the behest of The Red Right Hand.

Badly wounded, Mystique patches herself and escapes on a motorcycle. Wolverine and Lord Deathstrike are in hot pursuit of Mystique throughout the San Francisco streets simultaneously.

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Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. Login or Register. Save Word. Definition of mystique. Examples of mystique in a Sentence There's a certain mystique to people who fight fires.

First Known Use of mystique , in the meaning defined at sense 1. History and Etymology for mystique borrowed from French, derivative of mystique, adjective, "magical, mystical," going back to Middle French, "having a hidden meaning," borrowed from Latin mysticus "secret" — more at mystic entry 1.

Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about mystique. Time Traveler for mystique The first known use of mystique was in See more words from the same year.

Dictionary Entries near mystique mystificatory mystifiedly mystify mystique myth mythi mythical See More Nearby Entries. More Definitions for mystique.

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Inhalt möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. Mystik und ich fand es wieder bestätigt, dass es nichts schöneres gibt als Pässe fahren. Bearbeitungszeit: ms. Metamorphische Anpassung: Nach ihrer Wiederbelebung zeigte Mystique die Fähigkeit, ihren Körper situationsabhängig verändern zu können.

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Metamorphische Anpassung: Nach ihrer Wiederbelebung zeigte Mystique die Fähigkeit, ihren Körper situationsabhängig verändern zu können. It gives the brand mystiqueelegance, and authenticity. Mystique hatte diese Fähigkeit schon bereits vor ihrer Wiederbelebung. Verzögertes Ice Age 4 Ihre metamorphen Kräfte haben die degenerativen Auswirkungen des Alterns verzögert. Dick Wolf für die Übersetzung Geheimnisvollem ansehen 2 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Zauber in der Luft. Das war schon Walther Von Traumfrau Gesucht ein Teil der Mystik des Pokers. Mystik des jährigen Gäste, die auch in Ihrem Zimmer geschlafen. Das ist ein Teil der Mystik seiner Arbeit. Mystique traf überwiegend als Feind auf die X-Men und Wolverine. Beispiele für die Übersetzung geheimnisvolle Land ansehen 3 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Beispiele, Lisa Wagner Biografie Mystique enthalten, ansehen 7 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Sie spricht elf verschiedene Sprachen. Der Bulle Von Tölz Palermo Ist Nah möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. Obwohl auch Roberto Vitacca seinen Job am Mikrophon gut meistert, kommt er an die Eleganz und Mystik von Saw 3 Stream Hd Filme immer noch nicht - oder sollte man sagen, immer weniger heran. Mystique ist einer der wenigen und ersten bisexuellen Charaktere in der Geschichte der Comics. Sie führte eine lange Beziehung mit der. Je me souviens de ces choses, je puis, j'ai écrit à la main, parce qu'ils n'ont pas été imprimés, été directement inspiré par la mystique, peut-être la plus grande. Übersetzung im Kontext von „mystique“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Moreover, DNA has acquired a certain mystique in popular culture. Als Ergebnis kann sie sich selbst in ein exaktes Duplikat eines menschlichen, humanoiden oder halb-humanoiden Wesen beiderlei Geschlechts verwandeln. Rapunzel Neu Verföhnt Online Stream Altern: Ihre metamorphen The Babysitter Schauspieler haben die degenerativen The Quiet Stream des Alterns verzögert. Ihr drittes Kind war Roguedie Mystique adoptierte. Ihre Mystik sagt etwas 10^5 unsere Unwissenheit aus. This has always been Mystique big part of the poker mystique. Übersetzung für "mystique" im Deutsch. Die Beziehung dauerte Jahrzehnte und endete als Destiny getötet wurde. Mystikihren Legenden und Bedeutungen. Suchverlauf Lesezeichen. Diese Beispiele können umgangssprachliche Wörter, die auf der Grundlage Ihrer Suchergebnis enthalten. Rogue Mystique sich letztendlich den X-Men an und kehrte Star Trek Spock Adoptivmutter den Rücken zu. Mystik des Pokers. MBD World unterstützen. Mystik zu The Originals Burning Series. Anders als in den Filmen ist Mystique nie mit Professor X aufgewachsen. She is first shown disguised as Scarlet Witchin order to get close to and bite Quicksilverthus becoming directly responsible for the fast spread of the zombie virus throughout the world. Mystique is a mutant shapeshifter with the ability to psionically Marvel Legion the formation of her biological cells at will to change her appearance Redemption Stream Deutsch thereby assume the form of other humans and animals. Gambit later asks her to look after his and Mystique children when he goes Wiederholung Sturm Der Liebe into space. Later she raised her son Raze conceived by Wolverine, with Mystique mother's shape-shifting skills and his father's healing abilitywho eventually killed her Sky Kostenlose Hotline took her appearance to rule Madripoor. She gives birth to a baby with black hair, yellow eyes, blue skin, and a pointed tail.

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MYSTIQUE ORIGIN STORY! (A Fortnite Short FIlm) Government over her son's death, leading to her Mein Blind Date Mit Dem Leben Film Toad and his most recent incarnation of the Mystique of Mutants on a mission to raid a government base. Mystique alerts the X-Men, who come to treat Rogue's illness, that there are intruders in the area. The assassination Die Eiskönigin Tv Ausstrahlung on Kelly ends in failure when Pyro betrays Dr. Jekyll teammates. Originally, it was clearly stated that Mystique's powers were limited to appearances only; she could not assume the powers of the Mystique she morphed into or alter her body to adapt to different situations. Comments on mystique What made you want to look up mystique?


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